Our Beliefs

Our Mission:

Our Vision:


Worship - We will provide worship and Biblical teaching that helps people encounter the living God in a such a way that He is exalted and His people are impacted.  Our worship will be relevant, evangelistic, contemporary, heartfelt, Spirit-led and Christ-centered.  We will place high value on worship in which the congregation participates by using its God-given gifts, sharing testimonies, praying, and giving time and offerings.


Prayer - We will always make prayer a priority, seeking God's leading and blessing.  We will institute structures that deliberately encourage and develop our prayer life.


Fellowship - We will welcome and show love to everyone who comes into our fellowship.  We will care for one another in tangible ways.  We will focus on building each other up and spurn all tendencies to gossip.  We will process grievances in a thorough and respectful manner.


Healing - We will be a "safe place" for people to share their hurts and struggles and we will provide acceptance, support, and healing within our church.  Where appropriate, we will facilitate the accessing of professional services within our community.  We will be vigilant in preventing abuse of any kind.


Discipleship - We will offer ministries that will stimulate and nurture spiritual growth and learning for all ages.  We will offer opportunities to discover, develop, and deploy our gifts in service to the Lord.


Youth - We will place a high value on ministering to our youth and involving them in all areas of church life, especially worship.


Outreach - We will share the gospel with our community through a variety of means.  We will reach out by ministering to the personal and corporate needs of our community.  We will encourage and support the involvement of our members in community organizations so that they can be Christ's salt and light.  We will be a mission-minded church, fully supporting and promoting missionaries and their organizations by praying for them, aiding them financially, and encouraging our people to actively participate with them when opportunities arise.


Small Groups - We will offer Fellowship Groups and encourage everyone to be part of some type of small-group ministry, believing this will benefit both the individual and the church as a whole.